Tasmania and Australia on Fire Again

2009 Revisited as Cataclysmic Fires Race Through Tasmania and NSW

Australia in flames

NSW’s premier described the wildfire threat as the worst in the state’s history

A record heatwave reminiscent of the 2003 and 2009 catastrophe drove a fresh wave of wildfires as 90 fires ripped through New South Wales. The fires reduced some in mountain forests around the capital Canberra to ashes. Tasmania was also hit hard as five of Australia’s six states dodged fast moving fireballs. Lack of rainfall and high winds are contributing to the emergency.

Australia in flames
New South Wales Premier Barry O’Farrell said he expected Tuesday, Jan 8 to pose the worst day of fire threat in the state’s history. Conditions are expected to be 104 degrees F, 10 percent humidity and winds up 43 mph.

The 2009 event caused nearly $5 billion in damage.

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