Patriot Toxic Coal Slurry | Kanawha River | 108,000 Gallons | Feb 2014

Those “Patriots” Wipe Out Another West Virginia Stream With 100,000 Gallons of Toxic Coal Slurry
Patriot Coal slurry spillStarting the new year with three major spills

Those super Americans at Patriot Coal*** Corp are at it again, spilling 108,000 gallons of coal slurry waste into a stream that feeds the Kanawha River, the largest waterway in West Virginia. A pipe or something ruptured at the Kanawha Eagle Prep Plant at Winifrede broke, allowing the gunk to flow for three hours before the company got it stopped. Coal slurry is made up of a wide selection of poisons, including coal washing chemicals* heavy metals, like iron, manganese, aluminum and selenium.

Here is the 2014 major spill tally for folks who like to whine about the war on coal.**

  • Freedom Industries contaminated the water supply for Charleston WV and nine countries with massive coal washing chemical spill in January. The company has declared bankruptcy.
  • Duke Energy spilled 80,000 tons of coal ash into the Dan River from one of its dozens of leaky impoundments.

*Because no one likes dirty coal
**Looks more like a war on citizens.
***Patriot Coal is kind of a fake company that was created from a Peabody Energy spin off. It is widely believed in some circles that the convoluted finacial maneuver was conceived primarily to bust the union and get rid of pension obligations. We couldn’t say either way. But some people believe it.

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