Senator James “The Hoax” Inhofe | (R) Oklahoma

Jimmy “the Hoax” Inhofe, A Pimp For Petroleum Interests and Bible Literalist, now to chair the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee

Senator James Inhofe

The incoming chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee cites the Bible as proof that global warming is a fraud. The 80-year-old former insurance executive has urged the Justice Department to investigate academic researchers working on the subject. This is the state of our nation.

For the forth year in a row, Oklahoma is enduring unprecedented heat, a drought that has destroyed billions of dollars in crops across the American Great Plains and a wildfire outbreak that threatens is two largest metropolitan areas. Temperatures have exceeded 100 degrees every day since July 18th, and a bridge bucked in the town of Guthrie where temperatures reached 113F.

Officials have identified more than 12 wildfires, which are destroying hundreds of homes in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metropolitan areas. Flames were spreading through treetops as homes were evacuated in Cleveland County and elsewhere, while the parts of interstate 44 was closed to traffic. The fast moving fire storms caused fire fighters to abandon their stations.

In Guthrie, OK temperatures hit 114 degrees F, while Oklahoma City tied its record for all time hottest day at 113 degrees. That means the hottest day of all 365 days, or the hottest day ever.

Oklahoma Burns As Jimmy Inhofe Blithers

In the meantime, a man who has made ignorance into a lifestyle and art form was blithering away in Washington, brow beating climate scientists testifying in Congress. Inhofe is the “author” of The Great Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens your Future, where cites biblical inspiration for his views, because only God can change the climate. We think he is also inspired by contributions for petroleum interests.

* Just kidding. Jim has a B.A. from the University of Tulsa and was an insurance executive prior to feeding full time at the public trough.

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