Rep Jeff Sessions | Outraged by Climate Science

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Remember Their Faces! Jefferson Beauregard Sessions Is Unhappy That 98% of Climate Scientists Disagree With Him

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Jeff Session Is Outraged

At the recent Senate hearing on climate science, the Senator from Alabama – a state that chased its agricultural workforce away with hate legislation and left the crops to rot in the fields* – seemed shocked that he was on the wrong end of the anthropogenic climate change discussion. Indeed, he was outraged when Senator Boxer pointed out that 98% of climate scientists were onboard with that warming thing. Madam Chairman, I am offended by that, I’m offended by that — I didn’t say anything about the scientists. I said the data shows it is not warming to the degree that a lot of people predicted, not close to that much… Boxer: The conclusion that you’re coming to is shared by 1-2 percent of the scientists. You shouldn’t be offended by that. That’s the fact. Sessions: I don’t believe that’s correct**.

*As a state with an economy based on agriculture, the exodus of skilled, Hispanic migrant workers has left Alabama crops unharvested, which has resulted in multi-million dollars losses. **Jeff has a law degree.

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