St Patrick’s Day Oil Spill | 10,000 Gal Crude | Oak Glen Nature Preserve | Cincinnati | 2014

Sunoco oil pipeline celebrates St. Patrick’s Day by dying a river brown
Oak Glen Nature Preserve oil spillMajor oil spill into the Oak Glen Nature Preserve near the Great Miami River. Let’s build more and more and more.

In Chicago, we celebrate the wearing of the green by dying the Chicago River the appropriate emerald color. But sure and begorra, Sunoco Logistics Partners LP had a different idea. In southwest Ohio, a St Pat’s Day pipeline breach leaked about 10,000 gallons of crude oil into the Oak Glen Nature Preserve near Cincinnati. The leak was discovered at 8:20 PM and it only took 4 hours and 40 minutes to close down the pipeline. It’s all about the technology. Sunoco doesn’t know what caused the breach, but we can tell you what the case has been in virtually every other pipeline spill is: cutting corners on maintenance.

Tell you what: we bet there’s going to be an INVESTIGATION!!!!!!!!

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