For thousands of Australia’s designer species, the End Times have really begun

“I’m afraid to tell everybody we’re in a terminal situation. We’re confronting a whole raft of species about to go over the extinction cliff.” Professor David Bowman, University of Tasmania, quoted on ABC Australia.
Australia Species ExtinctionSmart money says: give up

With hundreds of Australia’s unique species already wiped out and at least a thousand threatened with imminent extinction, scientists are recommending that the colorful but rapacious Aussie types select which to save and wish to bid goodbye forever. Kakadu National Park, the largest and best funded of Australia’s preserves, has lost approximately 95% of its large mammals. The Great Barrier Reef, which has become the dumping ground for industrial interests, is described as a “biodiversity basket case.”

In addition to cartoon species which as the Tasmanian Devil, which is near terminal, scientists list the Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat, Kangaroo Island Dunnart, Orange-bellied Parrot and Tinker Frogs. You won’t even notice.

Orange Bellied Parrot

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