Oil Train Explosion | Downtown Lynchburg Evacuated | April 30, 2014

Downtown Lynchburg, VA Evacuated As Oil Train Blows UP and Burns
Tanker Cars ExplodeDowntown Lynchburg, VA was evacuated mid afternoon on April 30 as a CSX tanker train carrying oil derailed and blew up.

By our count, this is the eight major incident of this nature in the past year as the volume of crude oil being shipped from North Dakota has quadrupled. In July 2013, 47 people were killed in a Quebec town when a runaway oil train wiped out the city center. This particular train track continues on to Richmond, where it runs through the middle of the city.

Because the oil companies and railroads don’t want to spend the money to upgrade rolling stock, these old cars tend to blow up and burn when trains derail, even at low speeds. A lot of people are making a lot on money, so if a few people have to die it’s just collateral damage. Grow up.

Three or more of the cars ended up in the James River, where they spilled their contents into the water.

Tanker Cars Explode

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