BP 33 Acre Arctic Spew | Pipeline Rupture (Again) | May 18, 2014

Meet the New BP. Same as the old BP

BP Oil Spill Prudhoe BayBP has encountered a lot of challenges relating to spending the money required to maintain its infrastructure.

BP, the oil company who brought you the Deepwater Horizon disaster, has reported another oil spew situation in the Arctic. On May 12, an toxic brown mist from the top of a ruptured pipeline in the Prudhoe Bay oil field sprayed natural gas and crude oil uninterrupted into the wind for two hours, contaminating about 33 acres.

The incident took place about six miles from two other major BP oil spills, both in 2006. The company was found negligent in both “accidents”, which spilled about 267,000 gallons into the wilderness. The larger of the two spills lasted for five days before the company took action. Although the alarm had gone off, workers decided it was probably faulty equipment.

There was another 14,000+ gallon spill in the area in 2009.

But that was the “old” BP, before they reformed and got new whiz band technology to prevent any spills in the future. Except for this most recent one. And the one in Whiting, IN in March. And the ones we don’t know about.

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