Atwater Village Pipeline Spew | 20,000 Gal Crude | Plains All American Pipeline | May 15, 2014

Ruptured Pipeline Spews 40 foot high Geyser

BP Oil Spill Prudhoe BayPlains All American does not like to pay for maintenance.

A section of Atwater Village (Los Angeles) was knee deep in crude oil, sprayed from a pipeline owned by Plains All American Pipeline, a Texas company with a history as a serial environmental offender. Plains All American has been cited for violations of the Clean Water Act in relation to ten oil spills in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Kansas. A consent degree with the EPA required Plains to upgrade 10,000 miles of crude oil pipeline and pay $3.2 million in civil penalties. But maybe they didn’t.

This one was blamed on valve failure and it created a small lake of knee high crude oil. You can bet there will be an INVESTIGATION!!!!

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