10.6 Million Gallon Sulfuric Acid Mine Waste Spill | Northern Mexico | August 2014

22,000 People Loose Drinking Water Supply
Sonora River PoisonedMining companies don’t like to spend money on good engineering, so lots of poison and stuff ends up flowing into water supplies when their crappy containment ponds are breached.

Grupo Mexico has been charged with violations of environmental regulations as 10 million gallons of toxic mine waste contaminated water supplies in Northern Mexico. An orange slick of poisoned water flowed down the Sonora River, filling the air with that rotten egg smell. 22,000 are without water.

The Mexican government plans to punish the company, one of the largest mining corporations in the world, by making them monitor river water quality for the next five years.

Because if you can’t trust a global mining company…..

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