Major Pipeline Spill In Yellowstone (Again) | 50,000 Gal Crude | Jan 17, 2015

Second Major Yellowstone River Breach In 5 Years
Glendive, MT spillSearching for an oil spill beneath the ice can be a thankless task.

On Tuesday Jan 20 local officials decided to advise residents of Glendive, Montana that elevated of levels of Benzene have been found in public drinking water supplies. Benzene is a cancer causing chemical found in oil, which is not that surprising in light of the 50,000 gallons of crude spewed into the Yellowstone River by a pipeline breach on Sunday. City officials at first downplayed the potential problems, but only because they didn’t have the proper testing equipment.

Jan 17, 2015: Another pipeline breach dumped 50,000 gallons of crude oil into the Yellowstone River upstream from Glendive, MT. Remnants of the spill have been detected in the city’s public water supply, requiring drinking water to be trucked in. Some residents reported the smell like that of diesel fuel in their homes.

According to officials, the river was covered with ice, making it difficult to locate the crude oil during cleanup. An oil slick was noticed about 60 miles downstream from the spill however as workers from Bridger Pipeline continued searching for the location of the breach. That’s one of the problems with transporting crude oil, isn’t it? You never know where it might end up.

The Poplar Pipeline system runs from Canada to Baker, MT.

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