Pipeline Blast | Brooke County, WV | Jan 27, 2015

The fourth in a series of pipeline failures for Jan 2015: 2 explosions and 2 ruptures
Pipeline explosion brooke country wvFireball from Brooke County Pipeline Blast that you didn’t hear about.

A fireball shot hundreds of feet in the air in Brooke County, WV as a pipeline owned by Texas-based The Enterprise Products, L.P blew up. No one died this time and only a few houses were evacuated. Residents did report, however, that the siding was melted off one of the houses.

According to officials, five wooded acres burned, and 24,000 gallons of ethane went up in smoke. The pipeline was only two years, yet inspectors suspect a faulty girth weld. Maybe they should be more careful.

The company is going to investigate.

Other January 2015 pipeline “failures”:

3 Millions Gallons Drilling Waste / ND
50,000 Gallons crude oil / Yellowstone River/ MT

Pipeline explosion Sissonville wv

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