Fireball As Oil Tanker Train Blows Up In West Virginia | Feb 16 2015

The second crude oil fireball in West Virginia this year is even bigger than the first one!
mt carbon wv tanker cars blow up real goodYou see people, this is why we need pipelines

Hundreds of residents were evacuated and water treatment plants were shut down after an oil train derailed and blew up in a West Virginia snowstorm. The train was hauling 107 tanker cars, 14 of which blew up and slid into the river. One of which ended up in somebody’s house, which caught fire. Oil was spilling from the wreckage into a tributary of the Kanawha River. Footage documents a 300 foot high fireball.

Several thousand area citizens have been warned not to drink their tapwater, but their used to that round those parts.

The CSX tankers tankers were hauling Bakken crude oil from North Dakota to Virginia. Authorities are INVESTIGATING!

Oil transportation “failures” so far this year:

3 Millions Gallons Drilling Waste / ND
50,000 Gallons crude oil / Yellowstone River/ MT

Pipeline explosion Sissonville wv

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