BNSF Oil Tanker Train Derailment | Galena, IL | Mar 5, 2015

Third time in three weeks for crude oil train derailments, fireballs and conflagrations.
Galena oil tanker derailmentOil train derailment and fire near Galena, IL as modern, safe new generation oil tanker cars burn on March 5, 2015

As these things go, this week’s oil tanker train derailment and conflagration looks similar to the one from last week and the week before. On Mar 5, a 105 car BNSF oil tanker train derailed near the western Illinois tourist town of Galena. About 8 cars caught on fire and burned, sending dark plumes of smoke up over the wintry prairie. The route runs along the Mississippi river and is heavily trafficked with oil tanker trains – up to 50 per week.

According to Rupert Murdoch’s left-leaning Wall Street Journal, the Bakken crude oil involved in the last three train wrecks is more volatile than regular crude oil. Hence the multiple explosions and fires in Ontario and West Virginia the past couple of weeks.

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