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Chinese destroy a mountain

This mountain won’t be here in two decades. It will be replaced with a mining crater. The holdouts in Morococha can stay til then.

The Chinese mining company Chinalco is planning on tearing down the 4,000 meter peak formerly known as Toromocho and replacing it with a crater. In the process, millions of tons of copper and molybdenum will be removed and $billions will be made. In the process, the 5,000 people who live in the existing town of Morococha will have the opportunity to move to a brand spanking new town that has not yet been officially named, but it’s being called Carhuacoto for the time being. The company and their social management consultants Social Capital Group clearly state the no one is being forced to leave. However, the blasting and mining equipment will eventually make life uncomfortable as the crater moves closer.

Welcome to your nice new town

Chinalco which is owned by the Chinese government, is improving the lot of the indigenous people of the Andes in ways the Spanish could never even dreamed of. The new town is clean and has safe water, a commons and dependable electricity. Seven churches have been constructed and eventually people will worship in them. The children will go to schools set up by Chinalco and their parents will work in the mine. Quoted n the New York Times, Chinalco community relations manager Lisette Meza describes the relocation as “transcendental.”

Wonder if the former Incas will be learning Chinese?

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