Enbridge Celebrates KZoo Spill With New Spill in Wisconsin

OMG! Those Guys At Enbridge Better Be Careful Because They Are Being Investigated Again!

Ooops Another Enbridge fuckup

Enbridge technology for controlling oil spills is second to none.

An unprecedented petroleum and gas boom is destroying the beauty of America from sea to shining sea while temporarily enriching the locals*. Whether or not this boom – and booms tend to last about ten years – is sound planning for the future is debatable. What is not debatable is that the companies that drill and transport petroleum in all its corrosive and explosive forms are managed by sociopaths with a reckless goon mentality. they don’t concern themselves with beauty, the environment or safety. Proper maintenance is an expense that cuts into profits: It is ultimately cheaper to pay the lawyers and occasional fines. That’s how the system operates: the small fines are good for press releases showing how tough the agencies are on the drillers and pipeline operators. The U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration has cited Enbridge (see below) 31 times since 2002 for not properly inspecting equipment or training its employees.

But it’s mostly for show. Expect the incidents of spills and contamination will only grow more frequent, as money for pretending to regulate the petro overlords dries up.

Two years ago, the boys at Canadian pipeline company Enbridge spilled a million gallons of heavy crude into the Kalamazoo River near Marshall, MI, closing a stretch of the waterway for over a year. This was the most costly on shore oil spill in U.S. history and you never heard of it. The company allowed the bitumen to continue flowing in the line for 17 hours after the first alerts were received.

It still isn’t cleaned up, in part because the pipeline was carrying the nasty bitumen goop from the tar sands in Alberta, and no one knew what the consequence of a spill might be. Now we do.

Well those Feds got busy investigating you can betcha, and do you know what happened to Enbridge? There is a PROPOSED fine of $3.7 million, which oil pimps regard as a cost of doing business, like paying off the local vice team. Do you mind if we fine you? This process gives lobbyist team the chance to find the right congressional representative to have a talk with.

Enbridge Kalamazoo spill


On July 27, an Enbridge pipeline in Wisconsin dumped another 1,200 barrels (about 50,000 gallons) of oil near Grand Marsh, WI, shutting down much of the company’s pipeline network. Don’t know what caused it. So you know what the U.S. pimpline safety agency did? They launched an investigation. And in a couple of years, they will issue a report and propose another fine.

Enbridge has hundreds of safety and construction violations in Wisconsin alone. Using data from Enbridge reports, the Polaris Institute has calculated that the pipelines had 804 spills between 1999 and 2010. These spills dumped approximately 168,645 barrels and do you know what the authorities are going to do when they finish investigating? They will allow Enbridge to build a new 650 mile pipeline across pristine wilderness and northern rainforest to the booming new port of Kitimat on the British Columbian coast.

Enbridge pipeline explosion 2007

How will the boys at Enbridge celebrate next year?

*They need to money to be able to provide security for themselves as the goons move into town, creating wild west scenarios in once peaceful towns – but that’s a different story

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