Refugio State Beach, CA | 101,000 Gallons Crude | Pipeline Rupture | May 19, 2015

Refugio State Beach Fouled By The Same Pipeline Company That Spilled In Los Angeles…And Lots of Other Spaces

Refugio State Beach Spill Pipelines are far safer than exploding trains. Let’s build more.

Plains All American Pipeline has screwed up again in California, one year after dumping 20,000 gallons of crude oil in Los Angeles. This time, the breach occurred on a 2-ft diameter above ground pipeline running along the coast near Refugio State Beach. Despite all the technology the petro pimps like to talk about, the spill was not discovered by the pipeline company. But they did manage to shut it off after only a few hours.

NOMENCLATURE AN ANALOGY FOR HISTORY OF SPILLS AND INFRASTRUCTURE NEGLECT Plains All American has a history of oil spills. It has been fingered for violations of the Clean Water Act in at least 10 states, including Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Kansas. The boys are supposed to be operating under a 2010 settlement with the EPS, which required bunch of imaginary upgrades to the Plains warning systems. But the company was unaware of the spill last year in Los Angeles and had no clue about the Santa Barbara spill.

Know why? Because investment in safety systems costs money that could be going to GOP legislators. They aren’t doing much better in Canada, where their activities include three major spills in Albert and the Peace River incident cited as the worst Albertan spill in 30 years. That we know of.

The All American moniker for this outfit would appear to be dead on in terms of ironic accuracy. The collapse of America’s bridges, roads and rail systems due to lack of funding is the hallmark of our short-sighted nation. Or at least the nexus of Republican / Fossil Fuel interests that clearly rule with impunity.

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