Petroperu Pipeline Spill | 84,000 Gal Crude | July 20, 2014

Petroperu Gets Caught Oily Handed In Amazon Pipeline Spill

Petroperu Oil Spill“And if you work real hard, eventually the fish will return”

Oil companies are all pretty much the same: they cut corners whenever they think they can get away with it and when they do get caught, they lie. The lawyers do the rest. So when state owned Petroperu’s decided to let the local indigenous population dive into the Marañón River to find the source of the pipeline spill, it’s not particularly shocking. Once the rupture was found in the 600 mile long crude oil pipeline, the company decided to let the villages clean it up with their bare hands. The fisheries which feed the adjacent villages have been wiped out for miles and tons of dead fish lie rotting in eddy pools and shorelines. Along with what the Energy and Mines Minister claims is 2,000 barrels or about 84,000 gallons of crude oil.*

When fishermen in the village of Loreto reported to oil contamination in the rivers, it took the company a week to respond with a denial. Following the denial came an accusation that the villagers had caused the breach, thus contaminating their fishing and hunting grounds and threatening their own food supply. While they await help from the state/company, the locals are living on the edge of starvation.

* You can usually count on estimates from the responsible party to be low.

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