Nasty Lionfish Invasion In Southern U.S. Waters

Good Eatin
The newest delicacy on the Gulf Shore menu


The Indo-Pacific red Lionfish will eat pretty much anything but seems to prefer fish that commercial fishermen rely on such as juvenile grouper, snapper, shrimp and crabs. The lionfish is a huge threat to the Atlantic, but particularly the Florida Keys. Those things sticking out from it are poisonous spikes. Florida authorities propose to convince tourists to eat lionfish as a means of controlling them. Cleaning these new food sources could be time consuming – can’t wait to see them on Ironic Chef. There is a problem the feds just got around to checking into: ciguatera, a neurotoxin found in a high percentage of lionfish. So eating lionfish is the right thing to do to save the reef ecosystem, but it might also mess you up pretty good.

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