PetroPeru Amazon Triple Pipeline Spill | 200,000 Gal | Jan – Mar 2016

Emergency 200,000 Gal Crude Spill Injures 100 and Evacuates 4,000

Peru Pipeline Disaster 2016Water supplies for indigenous communities were contaminated by the spill and about 4,000 people were evacuated.

About 200,000 gallons of crude oil spewed from multiple PetroPeru pipeline ruptures in the Peru’s Amazon basin. The spill affected the Inayo, Chiriaco and Marañon rivers and a bnunch of Indian communities which don’t particularly matter*. They’ll be gone soon.

The first spill occurred Jan 28 and was caused by a mud slide.
The second occurred Feb 3, cause unknown. It will be thoroughly investigated.
The date and cause of the third one are unknown.

Outside agencies have reported that the national oil company has taken its time responding to the series of disasters. Local children are on the job however, as PetroPeru is paying $.57 a bucket for recovered crude. Gollee Uncle Jed.

Petroperu’s North Peruvian Pipeline moves the crude from Amazon oil fields to the collection facility at Bayovar on the Pacific Coast. The line runs a course of 530 miles (854-kilometers).

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* If they mattered, you might have seen at lease one report on the situation in the US news media. The communities are Suashapea, Pakunt, Chiriaco, Nuevo Progreso, Nazareth and Nuevo Horizonte Indian communities

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