Aussies Wiping Out Eastern Forests

The WWF predicts that 12,500 to 25,000 sq miles of rainforest and temperate woodland will be lost between now and 2030 in Queensland and NSW

Queensland deforestation

To help matters along, in 2012, Tony Abbott’s government announced that prosecutions of illegal land clearing would be stopped. The results speak for themselves as Queensland and New South Wales experience a resurgence of pirate land clearing. About 70% of the eastern forests of Australia’s eastern forests are already gone. The humans need the land for ranching, clear cut logging and mining.

As a side effect of deforestation, Australia is doing its best to destroy its iconic species. Populations have dropped by 40% in Queensland and about 33% in New South Wales over the past 20 years.

Recent announcements by forest advocates suggest that land clearing in Queensland has tripled since 2012. The land clearing bonanza is also causing traumatic disruption to the rivers that flow through Queensland to nurture the great Barrier Reef.

Queensland deforestaion
The issue here is neither complex nor unique to Australia: it comes down to economics versus destroying the planet’s natural places. But if you think Australians are more enlightened than say Indonesians or Haitians, don’t. Like Americans , Aussies’ culture is one of rugged individualism, with a strong tradition of resistance to any government regulation. That means ain’t nobody gonna tell them what to do when it comes to taking their chunk out of public resources.

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