Loss of Arctic Sea Ice in 2012 Declared “Dangerous”

Even If You Don’t “Believe” In Global Warming, The Ice Pack is Melting 50% Faster Than Previously Predicted

Lance Banned From Riding Bicycles

August 2012 – Sea Ice in the Arctic is about to reach a record low, which will set a record established in 2003. The data comes from a CryoSat 2, a specialized satellite, developed specifically to study the thickness of the Earth’s polar caps. What this satellite can do that other could not is determine the thickness of sea ice, which is a key change. Regular satellites can ascertain the area coverage of the ice sheets, but CryoSat-2 can measure the thickness. The results are alarming, with areas that had previously shown as

Now maybe you think that only matters to people taking transatlantic cruises, but the problem in this little planet is that every little thing affects something else. What we have here is a rapid downward spiral, because the less ice cap there is, the less whiteness their is to reflect sunlight back into space. Not only do we reasonably expect ocean temperatures to rise even faster, but methane deposits on the ocean floor could (this part is not a certainty) begin bubbly into the atmosphere. Indeed, it appears that “methane plumes” are showing up everywhere.

(Legal notice!!!!! If you are in North Caroline do not read this!!!) And the effects on sea levels should be obvious.

Oh, yes. It looks like Lance Armstrong is permanently busted. Please continue with your lives if possible.

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