500 Million Ton Annual Oil Leak With No Cleanup | Usinsk, Russia:

Ongoing Ecological Disaster In Usinsk

Russians Spill 500 Million Tons A Year

Russians Spill 500 Million Tons A Year

Although Shell, BP and Chevron have been upping their efforts to spill oil all over the planet, let’s remember they are amateurs compared to the Russians. In an huge area of Northern Russia, crude oil leaks from abandoned pipelines and wells, spilling something like 500 million tons a year into the Arctic tundra. That number is roughly ten times the Deepwater Horizon spill, America’s worst that we know about.

A key difference: the Russians just leave it there. In the Arctic, there are no oil-eating bacteria as there are in the Gulf of Mexico, so the crude contaminates the Russian province with a landscape of black oil ponds. From here, the crude makes its way to the waters of the Arctic Ocean.

Eventually, the oil will be gone, and what remains will be another contaminated wasteland, one more location for the Toxic Apocalypse.

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