Explaining Away the Dead Penguins In Brazil

Beginning with the fact that penguins don’t live in Brazil

Hundreds of dead penguins in brazil

We don’t know why the penguins and dolphins and pelicans are dying. But one thing the geniuses never consider it this: maybe something is very very wrong.

Marine scientists are investigating the hundreds of penguin bodies washing ashore on the beaches of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The number of dead birds is 512 and rising. As has been the case with many other mass marine die offs lately, there is no evidence of an obvious cause. The dead penguins join the 3,000 dead dolphins and 500 dead pelicans that have been washing up on Peruvian shores.

Mauricio Tazeres, a biologist from the Center of Coastal and Marine Studies, said “it’s actually pretty common for us to find at least some penguins but never in this number. The animals usually migrate from Argentina around this time of year in search of food and warmer weather, and each year, some do wash up. But over 500 is a very, very high number, and right now, I simply do not have an explanation.

It is not unusual for Magellanic Penguins to migrate to southern Brazil for the southern hemisphere’s winter. However, it is unusual for them to migrate dead. In a possibly related story, dozens of younger penguins were found in tropical Rio de Janeiro, which is well beyond there migratory range. This just in from the CatastropheMap Science Department:  Something is confusing the penguins.

Hundreds of dead penguins in brazil


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