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Bangladesh Floodshow the three dominant cycles – known to scientists as Milankovitch Cycles - work

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No One In Bangladesh is a Climate Change Skeptic

While the Tea Party and Fossil Fuel pimps keeping pumping lies, Bangladesh is living the future now.  Rising seas are creating a bizarre nomadic lifestyle for tens of millions of people as the nation contemplates life underwater.

An explanation of Climate Cycles Than Even Fox News Addicts Can Understand

People don’t want to believe that the climate is in the beginning stages of going completely haywire, and who can blame them? Unfortunately, closing your eyes and covering your ears and humming won’t make it go away. So taking a macho, pseudo iconoclastic approach works for most deniers and the number one standby cliché is a (I can’t believe how dumb those MIT and NASA scientists are) authoritative: The earth’s climate has always gone through cycles.


Actually Mr. Beck, Mr. Inhofe and other assorted science jesters, they didn’t miss it. Everyone with the exception of perhaps Creationists understand that the earth’s climate goes through cycles. But 1) humans weren’t around for most of them and they don’t necessarily have a guarantee of being around for the next one and 2) the changes that are happening now are unprecedented.

Here are how the three dominant cycles – known to scientists as Milankovitch Cycles – work:

1. Every 100,000 years: The Elliptical orbit. The actual distance of the planet from the sun varies, which means more or less solar radiation, and therefore fluctuations in total temperature.

2. Every 40,000 years: change in Earth’s tilt. Changes of one or more degrees in the tilt of the axis also changes the amount of radiation collected in various locations.

3. Every 21,000 years: changes in Earth’s solar orbit plane. Another cause of fluctuations in total radiation received on the planet.

The orbital calculations are accurate back several million years and match markers of temperature variations within layered structures, such as layered ice in Greenland and Antarctica and layered deep sea sediments. Measurements of changes within these layers are correlate with the Earth’s climate over the course of hundreds of thousands and even millions of years of Earth’s history.

The combination of the three Milankovitch influences, along with other cyclical factors such as solar flares, is what has kept the climate interesting over the past several millions years. Scientists have established rather sustainable temperature patterns going back nearly 700,000 years (sorry New Earthers) by sampling ice core data. This data shows a variation of 6 degrees Centigrade (or 10.8 F) over this period of time (apologies to Republicans – we know Centigrade is kind of an un-American and therefore dangerous and unpatriotic idea like that ridiculous metric system). During this cycle – at least for the past 700,000 years – the CO2 concentration also fluctuated 120 parts per million. The bottom end is 180 ppm and the top is 30o ppm, and then back again. Similarly, at the bottom of the temperature 6C swing is an ice age climate. At the moment however, we are at the top of the temperature curve…and climbing fast.

The carbon cycle and the temperature cycle track each other almost perfectly…at least until 1750, whence dates roughly the Industrial Revolution. Today we stand at 384 ppm of CO2, a figure that has not likely been equaled in 20 million years. And at the present rate, we will add another 100 ppm of CO2 in the next 50 years.

Here’s the clincher: The new CO2 is from burning fossil fuels, not the natural release we have seen from oceanic cycles over the past millions of years. How do we know that? Because the age of CO2 can be measured. The increase in CO2 is accounted for by new CO2, not the CO2 in the oceans.

For the past 700,000 years, whenever CO2 in the atmosphere goes up, so does the temperature. Now, looking at the current levels, and the levels we can most surely expect with China alone opening up a new coal fired plant every week to 10 days, what can we expect in terms of near and long term temperature increases?

Jumpin’ Jehosophat! This is alarming. Why didn’t someone tell you?
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