BP Forgot the Dead Dolphins in Its Happy Commercials

Unprecedented Die Off of Baby Dolphins Began After Deepwater Horizon And Continues At A Record Pace

Dolphins are People Too – No Wait, BP is a Person

BP is running happy commercials to persuade us all that everything is fine around the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. And we hope things are fine for most of the fine people in that region. But BP left some stuff out of their happy TV spots: Over 600 dolphins have wasted ashore since the Deepwater Horizon fiasco in spring of 2010.
600 Dead Dolphins Gulf of Mexico

There is additional first hand evidence of widespread sickness and birth defects among the dolphin population in the Gulf of Mexico. Records for mortality rates among dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico have been maintained for a couple of decades, so when NOAA issues this sort of report, it’s backed by strong statistical precedent and observation.

Scientists believe the huge oil spill and use of toxic dispersants are partly or totally to blame for the unprecedented dolphin die-off , but of course it is impossible to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, which would be the standard required in a U.S. court of law if anyone thought it was a good idea to sue to BP on the deceased dolphin’s behalf. BP lawyers would fall over themselves in pointing out that they are not the only source of pollution in the Gulf, and no one could deny this. Humans are killing marine life in a variety of ways.

Corporations are people, but dolphins have not yet achieved that status.

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